Switched live power…


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Thought I’d share with you a switched live power supply , like say you want to put Fog lights in via a relay. I did just that , but having contacted a VW in a main town, I was told “ splice it in from another circuit😱….really.?
So after a little bit of “digging” I found a spare switched live in the bank of fuses . Big blue circle is the sub bank , then the green one is the 10 amp fuse to the relay.
VW do make a factory kit, but these lights as some of you know will need programming in to the ecu😳.
This bank of fuses is under the passenger seat.
Just thought it may help someone.
That’s where I picked my signal for the dc dc charger. And there’s another one near by, comes life as you switch the ignition off, and back off when ignition is life. I gues it was prepared for the California conversion to cut power off when you drive.
The way that VW control the split charge for an auxiliary battery is by a connection from the Onboard Supply Module (Pin T73c/72) and is coded in that module. That connection activates a simple high current relay (J713). Diagrams available if anyone wants them.

I've not got around to doing the electrics on the TGE yet but the above info is from the Crafter/TGE wiring diagrams.

I've used that method on a T5 but have a B2B in the T6 which senses the point that the alternator charges without an additional wire.