Reverse light live feed


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Hi all
I’m installing an aftermarket reverse camera to my 2018 Crafter, I’ve fitted everything in just need to find a live feed to switch them on when in reverse. I’ve done a temporary wiring setup using a relay and taking a live from the blue/white cable going to the rear lights as I read this is the live feed. This didn’t work though sadly, Also tried same live and just straight to earth and still no joy. Has anyone fitted this type of kit and can point me in the right direction please ?
Hi, i have a aftermarket camera fitted, with the brake light from the back of the cluster spliced in to it. I can't remember the colour, i just traced the circuit from the break light. Sometimes works sometimes doesn't. However, i do have a second feed permanent life taken from front pasanger side 12v cab socket. Tis i jave fitted a inline swich, and i can turn the camera on manually.
I’m going to try and find the feed again having learnt I need the light plugged in for it to work correctly 🙄. If this doesn’t work I’m just going to use the live feed and switch that’s already in place which used to power a light bar that was previously fitted to the van. Don’t always need the revers camera but they are very handy to have so wouldn’t mind if I had to use a separate switch.