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Good evening all,

Does anyone know how to change this specific part of the instrument cluster to MPH?

Everything else in the display is spot on apart from this.

CR35 Mk1 facelift panel van 2012-2017 model.

Cheers. :)

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I think it's a construction and use requirement that all modern speedos have to display in both. Maybe someone will prove me wrong.
I can't find a manual for the van, but scanning an old Golf manual you can change the settings, it depends on the infotainment system and/or column stalks. There will be a car settings menu somewhere that allows you to select units for speed.
EU Regulations state that both MPH and KPH have to be displayed. You won't get that specific display to show MPH but maybe the big digital speedo is available as a coding option (it wont be in the menu) I've not done one yet so can't confirm if it's available though.