Truma heater


Currently have a diesel heater and an electric water heater. I’m considering a Truma heater but have a question regarding heat. We have two benches at the rear which is where I’d like to put the Truma but my concern is whether the Truma would be too hot under one of the benches when used for hot water. Obviously it will get hot underneath when the heating is on but can insulate the pipe work to an extent but is there any background heat when just heating water. The electric heater I have is very well insulated and very little heat can be felt coming off of it. Thanks in advance for any comments


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We run a Truma 4e under one of our benches and whilst it does generate some radiant heat, it’s very little and not enough to bother us when sleeping on the thin mattress above it.



Ditto for the Grand Cali, the Truma is under the double bench seat, not noticed any heat apart from the vents at floor level obviously.