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Quick post to say hi!
Had a few t5's over the years but when the last one went bang it was time to size up and get the thing I'd been talking about for ages.

I live in South Wales but work in London (ish) so I will be sleeping in it alot! Got myself a 69 plate mwb high top 140 bhp in glorious white, 54k on the clock. Yes it's another white van. My least favourite colour van is white, yet this is my third white van. Urgh.

Having made my last 2 vans 'utility vans' where everything is flat packable so it can still be used as a van I plan on making this a full time camper. Raised bed platform at the back, bike garage underneath, that kind of thing. Nothing super original but functional.

Anyway I'm sure I'll have 17,000 questions along the way so thank you in advance for entertaining me!