Remap pros and cons

Steve 1970

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Hi Guys
New to the site, I’m looking for a bit of advice on remapping, just bought a crafter lwb to convert into yes you’ve guessed it a camper ,I’ve got the 108 bhp motor but I seem to of read somewhere it’s a de tuned 140 bhp motor not sure if I’m correct, so my question is are remaps worth having both from a power and slightly increased mpg point of view
fanx in advance

Jon carter

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Hi Steve, I had my 3.140 remapped as soon as I got it. I tend to do it on most vehicles I get.
My van‘s an auto and in the low gears it was really quite sluggish on pickup, so made general town driving a bit of a pain. Definitely seems to have smoothed it out a bit and made it a bit more potent. They do say it‘s worth doing for better economy, which I feel. Is gained from not having to be up and down the gears as much, as it will just pull in the higher gears. I’m still waiting for the maps to come out for the auto gearbox, but overall I am happy with it being a little quicker and smoother.
As long as you have it done at a reputable place, there isn’t really any cons that I can see. Who doesn't want a smoother better performing vehicle, with a bit better economy.
Apparently the vehicles are given a standard tune, allowing for countries with poorer quality fuels. Tuned in a way as to not damage engines with the poorer fuels. Could be total BS, but kind of makes sense to me that it could have some truth to it.
I had a bmw 316 diesel. They tuned the 2.0 engine to cover a range of models. Also adding restrictor on engine. When I had that done, it was like night and day, it turned into a twin turbo beast!
My advice is speak to your local re-mapper, they’ll tell you what you can expect and if its worth doing.