Rain run off going straight into engine bay over fuse box

Morning all,can I pick your collective brains again please?

When I first got my Crafter (2017 new shape lwb) back in Nov 22, on my first trip out I had an electrical issue that I resolved but couldn’t find the cause for. On further inspection I realised that the rain run off from the roof on the pax side was coming down the screen and into the channel where it should and out behind the front side panel. However I noticed that the water is also leaking out into the engine bay and was dripping straight onto the fuse box on the passenger side. I have tried various things - taped over the seal at the base of the windscreen to make sure that wasn’t letting any in (I should also mention the water could appear all along the metal ‘ledge’ that is just below the scuttle.). But it doesn’t seem to be the seal. I’ve cleared out the channels so nothing is blocking it, and I’ve covered the ‘holes’ which has stopped water coming in there - the ones on the internal side panel (One of my earlier questions 😊). I’ve had to resort to a lash up of a cover over my fuse box and a crude method of draining the water away. Since then the van hasn’t had any issues (probably shouldn’t say that 🤦) but when I was in at the dealers I asked them about it and we had a look at a number of crafters on the forecourt. They all seemed to have the same issue of water pooling in various parts in the front engine bay area. As the water ingress just sits there where bolts go through etc I’m concerned at the potential for rust! Not to mention getting electric issues as water continues to drip onto the fuse box.

So my question is - has anyone had this issue in which case how did you resolve it? It seems like an awful design flaw as there is no cover on the fuse box, although my argument would be that the metalwork should be designed to make sure water runs out away from the engine bay!

My hookup point is just in front of the fuse box and it’s a bit of a pain having to move my lash up every time I want to plug in.

Any ideas, suggestions? Is it missing a part? I did wonder if there should be a rubber seal on the metal tray under the scuttle to make sure water runs toward the side panel?
Thanks in advance.


I don’t understand or see any meaningful location you refer to water coming in, from those pictures.I haven’t noticed any on mine, but now you made me curious, so I will check after a rain.
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I reported similar when our TGE was new but I've not followed it up yet...


These show where the water was landing / pooling after rain.
Understood, those areas are very visible, upon lifting the bonnet. I haven’t noticed any, but I will check again.
Sorry, yes - I should have edited the pic. Thanks rod_vw, that is where I’m seeing water pooling. It was only because I had an electric funny I realised the water was dripping onto the fuse box as well as puddling up. I’ve edited my pic, which is under the scuttle. I just felt this is quite a big design flaw where the fuse box isn’t protected from water ingress? And wondered if anyone else has had issues. I should say that since I’ve ‘covered’ my fuse box I’ve no other problems. But feel there must be some better solution than a plastic box over the fuse box with a run off tube! 🙂

So to find the source of the leak, buy some water dye, ( drain dye) from tool station/ screw fix and administer with a watering can with its rose on the end. Start low only on the first day, ie base of screen, mimicking rain as best you can to start with . Just 1 litre. Stop there and come back to the van an hour later to see if its appeared in the engine bay.

If it’s not present, next day try halfway up screen , and so on. Good luck.

If you think the vehicle rubber seals under the bonnet are at fault, buy some silicone grease, and spread sparingly along rubber seal.

Thanks grubscrew…. Um what rubber seals? 😊. Do you mean the seal between the windscreen and the framework? Or should there be a seal where I’ve edited the pic with yellow? I’m pretty sure the water is all coming from the roof run off that should drain in the bottom front of the windscreen on the pax side - it can distribute along that metal strip I’ve highlighted dependent on the volume of water coming down. Am I missing a seal? Should there be something along that metal strip that stops the water and makes it go out where it should?
My van is covered over in its snug tent currently…..come beginning of March itll be uncovered.
So unable to look at mine…..but I’m pretty sure there is a seal tuning along the front bulkhead where the bonnet closes on to….cant be certain, but why wouldn’t there be one. Puzzling!
Wrapping it up sounds like a good idea! I’d really appreciate it if you don’t mind checking when you unwrap yours. I do feel it’s missing a seal but the whole thing would go away if that metal strip had a lip on it to make sure the water ran off to the right place. We checked three other crafters on the VW forecourt and they all had the same problem - water pooling which just sits there. As I say I also had the electric funny so was looking to see if Vw did a cover for that fuse box but it seems not. Other than that I thought I’d try some of that rubber stick on door strip under there as it’s flexible, but it’s reaching it that’s hard work getting under the scuttle but over the metalwork. The bonnet seal is all there ,but this water is coming in underneath that corner of the scuttle. Weird!
Oh, @rod_vw I’ve just realised the picture you’ve posted has a cover over your fuse box! I don’t suppose I could trouble you for the part number please when you’re next near your van? 😊 That would be just the thing so I can make sure the fuses don’t get wet.
Oh, @rod_vw I’ve just realised the picture you’ve posted has a cover over your fuse box! I don’t suppose I could trouble you for the part number please when you’re next near your van? 😊 That would be just the thing so I can make sure the fuses don’t get wet.
Part number of the cover 7C0 955 737, this is on a 2023 MAN TGE but Crafter should be the same.

Re the trickle of water. Difficult to see actual locations of your pics, but here are mine…any relevance?


Hi Grubscrew, thanks for those pics, it looks pretty much the same as mine. - minus the fuse box cover 😁. I’ve got that fuse box cover on order from my nearest MAN van dealer - £7.75 + vat so hopefully that should stop the water dripping onto it. Thanks again to rod_vw for the part number - I’ve no idea why my van didn’t have one.

The water isn’t coming in via the bonnet seal but underneath that scuttle area - your photo shows same as mine with the rubber bonnet seal. But if you look under the scuttle above and behind the fuse box in the engine bay there is a metal lip - it’s from this the water finds its way along and then drips into the engine bay and down the sides. As a temporary test to double check my theory of the source of water ingress, I’ve put some of that foil tape (the same type that covers the holes on the sides in your pic) to see if this stops the water making its way along the lip. So far it’s definitely reduced the flow so I’m confident that the water is coming down the passenger windscreen rain channel, and then as it goes underneath the bonnet it seems to be diverting onto that metal lip under the scuttle somehow.

I’m going to try a stick on rubber seal, not the flippered kind 🦭😉 when it’s warmer and drier in the hope this will resolve it! I’ll update here when it’s done and tested. Thanks again for all the assistance too.
Quick update - the fuse box cover for the MAN fits the Crafter fuse box so keeps that nice and dry. While I was at the dealer I got them to let me look under the bonnet of the TGE. The TGE does have a piece of something that I think was a plastic edging strip on the metal under the scuttle and this goes all the way along and directs any rain back out to the drain. (It’s such a pain to look at but worked out mainly by touch!) It seems Crafters don’t have this… so I’ll try and stick something on it when it’s dry as a diverter.