R&J swivel crew seat brackets

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Hi everyone,
I was wondering if anyone has fitted the R&J crew seat conversion to their Crafter van, who also has furniture behind the drivers seat. My van is the new shape 2017 model.
I have a shower unit behind the drivers seat and I'm not sure if the seat will swivel or clash with the shower wall.
All examples I have seen on YouTube have an empty van, and would be interested if anyone has fitted a swivel conversion to the crew seat.

A costly mistake, should it not work :cry:!
Any advice would be greatly received - Thanks
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Unfortunately i cannot guarantee this but i am fairly confident it would work as the swivel can move and "flex" quite a lot when it is raised up. I would recommend asking on a facebook group of VW Crafter 2017+ self build group. The group is very pro active and i'm sure somebody with one fitted will be able to have a trial run to see for you!

Hope this helps,

Hi Brandon
Many thanks for the prompt response, I will check out the Facebook group.
I must admit it looks like it would work, but it is tight, plus I’m not sure I can even lift the seat out to fit the bracket o_O
Thanks again