Oem swivel and dripper hand break


Hi All,
So My Van Arrived today, and yesterday after speaking with a outfitter, they advised me the MANTGE could have come with out the bulkhead, With swivel seats and dropper handbreak and still retained the Aircon... We were told the opposite on ordering, which is a pain in the proverbial.... As now we have to buy the parts and the plastics for the B pillars...
Is there anyone out there that can give me the part numbers or a Chassi number with this option as standard? PM me if you can. Ihave some o the B pillar plastics from another thread but couldnt find the swivels or dropping handbreak.
Plan is to be annoying and ask for some sort of deal on the parts so we can have these options.. before collecting the van.
Attached are images from another thread for reference.







@Pauly I still can't DM others, can you fix this please?

@Mupp3tt drop me an email to rod@vwbooks.co.uk and I will give you my VIN which has aircon, swivels and the plastic trim on the B pillars etc.

There is info on the B pillar assist handle and the glovebox cooling connection on this forum, have a look around.

I think your problem with ordering the aircon was that they thought you wanted Climatronic which may not be available with bulkhead delete but Climatic certainly is as I have it on mine which was a bespoke order from MAN. An alarm is always quoted an not possible with bulkhead delete but if you search the options if buying the bus version that is sold in Europe it's available. Who knows why!!