Cab heating gone.

Raul a/3

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Not sure where to post this, thought this section may suit. My crafter heating stoped working, it’s mediocre at best. One side cold the other look worm. We are away and temperatures are below freezings, lucky we run the diesel heater to keep warm. Currently in Germany and on the way back, if I select hot it blows cold is on one side and look warm on the pasta ger side. The feet gets cold air, same as side windows. We are making use of Karcher window vac to get rid of the seaming windows. What a pain.
Anyone heard of this before?
I hit the rush hr in Germany Brian, so parked up to let the traffic cool down. Took the opportunity to post our hiccup. In Ro we had minus7 and frost, over here is 2deg not to bad, but the windscreen misting up its a pain.
It’s not the blower, if blows fine on all speeded, the direction selector works to. It’s the temperature selector that stoped working.
Each side has a temperature sensor in the ducting. If it fails then it fails cold. Seems to be a regular thing with VAG’s. My Audi Q5 is the same on the drivers side at the moment. Not sure where the sensor is on the crafters. The sensor is fairly generic
Any use
I have re visited that link, thank you, and suspect is the door blend actuator. Something mechanical does not shift from cold to hot. I have scanned it with vcds, nothing, no codes.
I remember somewhere mentioned of a upgraded 3D printed actuator arm that moves the shutter from cold to the hot matrix radiator. I can’t find it anymore. I suspect I have same issue.
Don’t know if it helps but I found this..

Looks like it’s a complex job to replace the actuator.

Hope that you’ve both got home and are inside and warm.
Thank you Brian, yes we got home ok. Diesel heater has done us brilliant. For 5-6 days was 24/7 on all the time. Just as well I serviced it before we left.
I’m gonna try booking it in.