Wow- Roamer customer service


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I’m no techie, so I can’t advise anyone about which make or type of battery etc.

However, someone who is very tech savvy pointed me in the direction of Roamer.

I had a few questions - so I pinged an email to Roamer. It was very very late on a Saturday night and I asked about whether my chosen battery (the underseat 230 ah lithium) would work with my set up.

I was very surprised to get an instant response, and had three of four emails, back and forth that night leading to my placing an order, impressed with the service I’d received.

Scroll forward a few weeks and the battery now fitted and I sent another Q.

This time it was a Sunday morning with a picture of the settings on my triple charger to double check I’d got them right.

I wasn’t my expecting a response until Monday at the earliest, but I got an email straight away, and very very helpful it was too. With an offer of help in the future if I had any problems.

They also answered their phone with a real person on a Sunday too!

So IMHO, Roamer customer service is FABULOUS. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.


+1 for Steve at Roamer. From the very start all the way through to any updates he has always been there to advise and also log in and change any settings if they need to be done.


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I’m planning on using these guys, am I right in thinking it’s a £100 consultation fee for them to plan your electrics which you get back if you spend over £1000 with them?